Where Average Joe's...
             Learn To 'Q Like Pros
Learn to 'Q From a Competition Pitmaster, From the Comfort of Your Own Home
Without Spending a Lot of Money!
Where Average Joe's
   Learn To 'Cue Like Pros
Are you struggling with your backyard barbecue?
Are you tired of letting your family down by turning meat into dried out shoe-leather?

Are you sick of that annoying neighbor, “Todd”, always trying to give you BBQ advice. 

Or worse, yet, are you tired of all your friends and family hanging out at his house for weekend BBQ parties?

What if you could learn to BBQ like a pro, from a competition Pitmaster, without leaving the comfort of your own home, or costing you a lot of money?
Most of you try to learn by trial and error, or some cookbook, or from YouTube videos, but you probably find that none of that works because it’s either…
Most of you try to learn by trial and error, or some cookbook, or from YouTube videos, but you probably find that none of that works because it’s either…
Have you ever found yourself going down that internet rabbit hole surfing from article to article, video to video and trying to piece the right order together? 

The information you do find out seldom has the type of step-by-step hand holding you're looking for and most of the people don't want to give away their best secrets.

What happens if you have a question or need help?  You guessed it.  You're on your own which can be extremely frustrating after you've just spent two hours finding, reading and watching on your own.

There are plenty of people out there giving out advice, but most of it is worth what you paid for it, and often times the instructions from one person to the next are conflicting
Well, I discovered the secret to short-cutting the learning process, and earning the admiration of my wife, family and neighbors and I’d like to share that with you.
I'm Jim Frank from the 
Academy of 'Q
I was a competition pitmaster for nine years, as part of the McFrankenboo BBQ team.
I was just like many of you at different stages of my BBQ career but I remember the first time I went to a BBQ competition that was happening nearby.
It had about 15 teams including one former world champion, Jack’s Old South. We wandered around, talked to many teams and sampled some of their food and I was hooked.

That weekend I bought a small Weber cooker and turned a brisket flat into a piece of shoe leather. Like many, I thought I could BBQ. Boy was I wrong.

For several years after that, I researched bbq and purchased a couple of smokers. After a lot of trial and error, I came up with what I thought was a solid product and friends and family agreed. We found a bbq competition in Arizona and started our illustrious career.
We failed miserably.

We didn’t win, and very seldom placed in the top 10. I would continually ask other teams what I was doing wrong, and no one would give me any pointers. One team, in particular, gave me pointers on chicken and even let me try a piece of his. I was blown away at how far off base I actually was.

That’s when he told me the ONE BIG SECRET that changed my life.

He said, You know, there’s no shame in taking classes from other pitmasters.

I didn’t even know this was an option but I started researching classes and found one of the top classes in the country was in Kansas City. 

The class was not cheap - it cost $1,500 plus airfare and hotel for the weekend - but promised everything so I took the weekend and flew to KC for the class. 

I was floored at the information that was put out. The attention to detail, trimming and cooking was beyond anything I could have imagined. I thought I knew a lot, boy was I wrong.

After taking the class, the first competition I did after that I got 2nd overall. It completely renewed my love for BBQ and the competition game. 

I found other classes in Chicago and Las Vegas, which I took, and although a lot of the information was the same, each class gave me something I didn’t know and really elevated my game.

We started winning, and winning a lot. In 2010, we went to Mexico and won the only event ever to be held there. 

As a result of our showing at that event, we were drawn to represent the state of Arizona in the Jack Daniels World Invitational Championship. 

From there, we continued to build on our experience and competed in the American Royal, the Sam’s Club Invitational, won multiple individual championships, numerous first place’s and perfect scores of 180.

When we finished our competition career, we finished 9th in the nation in chicken out of over 19K teams and 24th in the country overall.

But I realized I NEVER would have cracked that code unless I got the chance to learn from other proven, competition pitmasters. 

The problem is, most people don’t have the time or money to spend close to $2,500 to fly out for a weekend class. And even if you do you have to hope you can remember everything that was covered because you can’t take the teacher with you.
You'll be able to create that "Family Experience" everyone craves.
You'll be able to create that "Family Experience" everyone craves.
Earn the admiration of your friends and neighbors
Earn the admiration of your friends and neighbors
Be the house everyone flocks to on weekends to have a good time!
Be the house everyone flocks to on weekends to have a good time!
That's Why I Created...
Academy of 'Q
Academy of 'Q
"Where Average Joe's Learn To 'Q Like Pros"
Academy of 'Q is an online BBQ Academy that brings a competition Pitmaster to you giving STEP-BY-STEP video instruction of how to cook all the competition meats like a pro - plus a whole lot more.

Follow our instruction and you'll go from backyard zero, to neighborhood hero in as soon as your first weekend.

You're only ONE COOK AWAY!
Here's What You'll Get Inside The Member's Area of Academy of 'Q...
Instant Access to My Vault of BBQ Clinics
  • All the competition meats and much, much, more
  • Trimming and Meat Preparation
  •  Rubs, Injections and Spices
  •  Heat Theory and Fire Management
  •  Recipes, Cook Times, and Temperature Guides
  •  And much more all in STEP-BY-STEP Video Tutorials
Private Pitmasters Facebook Community
Private Facebook community where you can hang out with me and all other Academy of 'Q members to support each other, ask questions, and share all our latest cooks, tips, and strategies.
Office Hours
Each week we will have live online 'Q & A inside our Facebook group.  I'll be here to answer questions, talk about new techniques and equipment, and provide the support you need to learn to 'Q like a pro. 
Plus, you'll get these super cool bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Super Cool Bonus #1
Free Access to All New Product Releases
Get access to all of our new clinics, classes and recipes for the life of your membership.

Upcoming clinics like Tomahawk Steak, Buffalo Cheese Steak, and Many, Many More. 
Super Cool Bonus #2
Prizes and Gifts
Earn awards for "class participation".

Make our "Honor Roll" by posting your cooks in our FB group and become eligible for quarterly prizes.

Make our "Dean's List" by making Honor Roll every quarter and receive larger prizes and entry to win a new smoker valued at $1,000

One lucky winner will get a full day, in-person 'Q lesson directly from Jim.
Super Cool Bonus #3
Study Abroad Curriculum
Receive access to new segments where we travel abroad to meet with other Pitmasters and experience their local BBQ.

You'll enjoy interviews with the Pitmasters, see what types of equipment and cooks they use, and learn tips and secrets to give you that international flavor.
Super Cool Bonus #4
Fall Semester:  Tailgate Edition

Receive access to our new Fall Semester segments where we travel the country to meet with the "home team" tailgaters to learn what makes their 'Q special.

As part of our prizes we may even fly you to join us!
So you can do this the way I did...

You can find some Pitmasters giving on site instruction, leave your family for a weekend, and pay about $2,500 all-in (and that's per class).

Or...you can shortcut all that and bring me into your home via the internet, and learn all the secrets I spent many years and a lot of money perfecting on the competition BBQ circuit - all from the comfort of your own home.

You'll also be part of our Academy of 'Q private FB Pitmaster community where you'll get support and tips from me and all the other members.

Plus a whole lot more - all for less than the cost of one cheap dinner!
limited time offer!
Get up to 65% off During Launch
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Join The Academy of 'Q!
  • ​BBQ Clinic Core Curriculum 
  • Brisket Mastery ($97 Value)
  • Ribs Mastery ($97 Value)
  • Chicken Mastery ($97 Value)
  • Pork Butt Mastery ($97 Value)
  • Steak Mastery ($97 Value)
  • Burger Mastery ($47 Value)
  • ​Private Facebook Community  ($197 Value)
  • ​Office Hours Recap and Value ($197 Value)
  • ​Free Access to All New Recipes & Products ($197 Value)
  • ​Class Participation Prizes  ($97 Value)
  • ​Study Abroad Curriculum ($197 Value)
  • Fall Semester:  Tailgate Curriculum ($197 Value)
Total Value: $3,251+ / Year
Regular Price Only $197 
But for a limited time, you're getting all of this for...

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